UFEW LOOKBOOK: Ghana’s Mina Evans presents Feminine African Appeal in Fab S/S2015 Collection


Womenswear fashion house, Mina Evans is here with a brand new collection that is sure to be a crowd favourite. Already shown at Alta Roma in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative and Glitz Fashion Week in November 2014, the collection has every aesthetic element that will make it a fab addition to your closet.

It features geometric silhouettes made from hand-dyed batik sun cloth. The collection also introduces a new design detail  ombrè chiffon strips and signature Mina Evans fringe detailing and subtle beading.

The pieces mix a subtle, yet prominent, African ambiance with fitting silhouettes that portray African culture, mass-appeal and feminism.

Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_002 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_003 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_004 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_005 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_006 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_007 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_008 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_009 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_010 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_011 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_012 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_013 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_014 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_015 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_016 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_017 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_018 Mina-Evans-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Lookbook-Bellan_019

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