Bubu Ogisi who runs the beautiful fashion design label, IamIsigo, is one person to look out for, as a stylist she incorporates the styling ability and creativity into her everyday style and also into her brand, you see Bubu everyday event-ready.

A recent post on http://www.woman.ng :

Coca Cola’s new campaign “Billion Reasons to Believe” is sharing stories from young Africans who are living their dreams against all odds

the creative genius behind IMASIGO. Before this was an in demand brand, it was just an idea that people thought wasn’t likely to materialise into something tangible. Fortunately, Ogisi’s love for clothes and dressing people propelled her to believe otherwise and venture into the fashion business.

Bubu-Ogisi-BellaNaija-May-2015 Bubu-Ogisi

When Ogisi started out, it took a long time convincing her family and the larger fashion community that she wanted to make something out of fashion. It also took time to identify a niche market and audience. Every pursuit comes with its fair share of challenges, and Ogisi faced hers during the production process with skilled labourers. She however has chosen to pledge allegiance to the fulfilment of her goals. Showing further commitment and dedication to developing her craft and bringing her dreams to fruition, Ogisi decided to go to school to gain further knowledge about business and fashion. Along her journey, she has only seen every failure as a learning curve and an opportunity to make smarter choices.

Her advice for aspiring fashion designers is; “Have a path unique and true to you, because that will eventually translate in the art you create.”

Bubu says that she hasn’t reached the pinnacles of fashion that she aiming for yet, but she is working on this won’t stop until she gets there. Nevertheless, her dream has given her the courage to make daring choices and forge her own path


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